Eiluj’s Bliss Body Cellulite Slimming-Toning Treatment  60minutes  $130 

This detoxifying, circulation-stimulating, body toning treatment includes:

dry brushing, firming grapefruit essential oil, a spot targeting seaweed mask, heated wrap, and application of waist-whittling FatGirlSlim, Love Handler and

FatGirlSix Pack.  


Eiluj’s Slimming and Toning “Add- Ons”

Want to see immediate firming and smoothing results? We start your treatment by identifying your problem parts and slathering on a series of solutions to help visibly contour skin. Trans-firm yourself!

Love Handler  30minutes  $50

This totally 'hip' treatment combines massage, essential oils, and a firming seaweed rubberizing mask wrap to address your midsection. We recommend a six (session) series.


Arm Candy  30minutes  $55

For those who want to feel better in that little black dress; you have the right to “bare arms!”

We recommend a six (session) series.