Erno Laszlo

Anti Aging & Line Reducing Facial – Tones, Firms, Nourishes  60minutes  $105

Concerns: Appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven, sagging facial skin, loss of skin elasticity.

Results: Smoothes, repairs, and inhibits aging. Keeps your skin luminous and protected.

*For all skin types under stress and signs of aging.


Hydration Facial – Refreshes, Cools, Hydrates  60minutes  $85

Concerns: Lack of Moisture & Hydration, Dryness, Sun Exposure

Results: Rehydrates and softens dry and moisture-deprived skin types. Unique endothermic formulation soothes and cools skin while providing intensive refreshment and hydration for tired, dull skin.

*For all skin types, seasonal dehydration, sensitive, easily irritated skin.


Brightening & Exfoliation Facial – Purifies, Refines, Retexturizes  60minutes  $90

Concerns: Dull complexion.

Results: Deep cleans, detoxifies, and purifies. Marine extracts actively exfoliate and smooth, drawing out impurities and energizing sluggish skin cells.

*For Normal to Oily Skin types


Anti Acne FacialBalancing, Clarifying, Soothing  60minutes  $100

Concerns: Irritations, blotchiness, enlarged pores, blemishes and acne-causing bacteria.

Results: Intensive antiseptic, anti-bacterial skin clarifying treatment. Tightens, refines and exfoliates skin.

*For Oily, Troubled and Blemish-Prone Skin Type


Anti-Acne Back Treatment  90minutes  $135

An anti-bacterial treatment for acne and blackheads


Add-on Treatments:

Glycolic Peel  10minutes  $40