About Us

NAVA is a luxury beauty store store located in Great Neck. We offer some of the most popular, high demand, unique, and luxurious beauty products currently on the market. Our friendly and knowledgable staff is dedicated to giving our clients exemplary service and skincare advice so that our clients can receive the best possible care for their uniquely individual skin.

When our clients walk into our store, they can ask for free samples and a free skin consultation. We want to make sure that all of our clients have a satisfying experience and that they have a chance to find out what suits them the best without having to go through the pain of buying something not compatible with their skin.
Nava offers a unique vision because we combine retail and skincare treatments into one space. Unlike department stores where customers do not have the opportunity to try on every beauty product that they wish to buy, at Nava, we welcome all our clients to try on the products that they like in our treatment rooms before deciding on their purchases. Our facial treatments only use the brands that we carry at our store, and our clients can select which brands they would like to use for their facial treatment.
Of course, there is always more to learn when it comes to maintaining the quality of our skin. Because of our commitment to fostering educated clients and employees, we invite a product educator to come to our spa monthly for product knowledge training. We welcome all of our clients to join us as we undergo our training. If you miss this opportunity, do not fret! We offer free skincare lessons every month, and all are welcome to join us.
Nava is the first high-end, innovative skincare store to be located in Great Neck, New York. It is the destination for those who want to maintain beauty in their life