All our Signature treatments are available in two versions. Express 30 minutes and complete 60 minutes. Both include the renewing and purifying treatments. The 60 minutes includes the collagen face mask which enhances elasticity, firmness, lifting and hydration.

Hydration Ritual-Sources of Bisses  30minutes $70   60minutes $115

With each passing day, the fine lines of dehydration become deeper and intimidating wrinkles cover the face. To soften these manifestations, Valmont created the SOURCE OF BISSES treatment. This treatment was inspired by contemplating an irrigation system used by the Swiss Valais mountain people, called Bisse. In this treatment, the dermis is re-plumped and fine lines are diminished.

Energy Ritual-Vitality of Glaciers     30minutes $70   60minutes $125

To fight against the impacts of stress, high pollution and the demands of modern life; Valmont created the VITALITY OF THE GLAICERS treatment. This treatment is a booster of cellular renewal, providing the skin with a genuine rejuvenation and inspired by the amazing force of eternal snow. The skin is regenerated and appears more radiant and firmer.

Anti-Wrinkle and Firmness-Peaks of Firmness   30minutes $70   60minutes $125

Like the perpetual movement in time, the bumps and curves in your face tend to become deeper and your facial contours more severely marked. Although wrinkles and the loss of firmness are unavoidable, their appearance and intensity can be visibly reduced. In order to effectively do so, Valmont created the PEAKS OF FIRMNESS treatment. This treatment brings Valmont’s know-how to bring a visible and durable lifted and denser face.


Add-on Valmont Treatments:


Collagen mask treatment 30minutes $50

Eye mask treatment  20minutes  $28