Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial - For fine lines and wrinkles  70minutes $125

Experience the ultimate in scientific skin therapy. An advanced anti-ageing facial, clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by 94% and improve skin firmness by 57% after just 1 treatment. This anti-aging face and eye treatment helps to protect against the signs of ageing, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and restructuring the eye contour. Specialised lifting massage techniques are combined with Elemis anti-ageing products for maximum treatment efficacy:

Treatment Benefits


Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial - for ageing, acne scarring and uneven skin tone.   60minutes $125

Clinically proven: after just one treatment up to 75% resurfacing & up to 32% increased skin smoothness

The Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Spa treatment 60mins offers micro-encapsulated enzyme therapy with unprecedented results never seen before from just one facial. The precision layering of three targeted enzymes stimulates and accelerates the skin’s biological exfoliation process by up to 75% after just one treatment. These advanced resurfacing techniques safely and effectively remove the thickening layer of the epidermis. Skin is left incredibly clean, smooth and radiant bringing a renewed level of evenness and clarity to the complexion.

Treatment Benefits 

                   Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

·      Stimulates cell regeneration

·      Reduces pigmentation and acne scarring

·      Deeply cleansing


Elemis Spa treatment information

Contra-Indications: Open cuts and abrasions, skin and eye infections, severe sunburn, conjunctivitis, styes, and severe psoriases on face

The facial cannot be performed on any skin that has great heat in it, i.e. Acne Rosacea, red hypersensitive inflamed skin.

The facial can be performed after Micro-Dermabrasion or Glycolic facials but you must leave an interval of at least 1 week.

Pregnancy: Can be performed throughout pregnancy

Frequency: 1 treatment every 3 weeks. Course of 6 recommended.