Probiotic clearing facial  $95/hr

This deep cleansing treatment will correct as well as prevent future blemishes. A gentle enzyme with oxygenating paprika is applied to clear congestion and detox impurities. To finish cooling cucumber and soothing willow bark will reduce inflammation and eliminate bacteria. Includes extractions


Age corrective Facial  $95/hr

A retinol alternative facial designed to plump up skin fibers and boosts collagen while stem cells will protect epidermal and dermal skin cells. This high tech facial will give immediate skin refining as well as reduce wrinkle depth and smooth skin texture. Clinically proven to build collagen 25% collagen increase and 26 %decrease in wrinkle depth


Lighten Up Facial  $95/hr

Naturally correct pigment and dark spots with our highly active and organic lightening ingredients, African potato and Gigawhite. This trademark complex will inhibit melanin while preventing future discoloration from forming. In this facial, your esthetician will educate on best practices for maintaining great results to continue overall even complexion and a brighter glow. With recommended home care client will see a 51% reduction of melanin.


Radiance Hyaluronic Facial  $95/hr

Get your hydration on with hyaluronic acid that will deliver a plumping and firming result. This facial powerfully reduces oxidative stress with acia berries and Vitamin C derived from organic plants that your skin can easily absorb and leave your skin healthy and renewed.


Repair and Restore Facial   $85/hr

Focusing on reducing redness and reactive skin conditions, we carefully blend chamomile and arnica. These two ingredients reduce inflammation and visible redness while strengthening capillaries to improve an overall soothing effect in the skin. Your esthetician will educate on homecare to continue on maintaining a calm and hydrating result.